Investment Analysis
for long-term investors

I’m Frederik Müller, a certified investment analyst. I support you to build your own investment portfolio on a long-term basis. My investment analysis help you to identify companies with strong competitive advantages in which you could invest with a long time horizon. 

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Core Values




Long-Term orientation

Investment Strategy

Understand the Business Model of the companies

Buy shares of the companies whose business model you understand.

overweight companies with competitive advantage

Overweight those companies in your portfolio which have a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Long Holding Period

Buy companies with the goal of keeping them in your portfolio for the next 10 years at least.


Invest your money in different tranches; do not put all your money in at the same time. is owned and run by Frederik Müller

My name is Frederik Müller. I majored in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim (Germany) and San Diego State University (United States). I work as an certified investment analyst. 

My professional background is in the sports sector (having worked for football clubs and sports agencies in Germany, Spain, and Brazil). My professional life has shown me the importance of a profound financial knowledge for everyone. Only by understanding how the stock market works on a long-term basis and which business models companies are based on, you will be able to make smart investment choices.