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About me

About aims to support you to build your own investment portfolio on a long-term basis. The investment analyses are 100% independent and transparent. Revenue is only generated with the sale of investment analyses.

The investment analyses are created to provide you with general information on companies listed on the stock market and their business models, analyzing financial data, conducting competitive analysis and showing the pros and cons of each investment. The objective is to support you in identifying excellent companies you can invest in on a long-term basis instead of speculating with short-term investments.

As an example, here you can find a Johnson & Johnson investment analysis for free.

About me

My name is Frederik Müller. I majored in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim (Germany) and San Diego State University (United States).

My professional background is in the sports sector (having worked for football clubs and sports agencies in Germany, Spain, and Brazil). My professional life has shown me the importance of a profound financial knowledge for everyone. Only by understanding how the stock market works on a long-term basis and which business models companies are based on, you will be able to make smart investment choices.

Stories of sports athletes, who lose their fortune by making investments, which are not transparent, keep repeating over and over again. There are a lot of examples of sports athletes, who made a fortune during their career and were broken when their career ended due to non-transparent investment decisions. It is my goal to provide you with more information about the companies listed on the stock market to support you to be able to make excellent investment decisions in the future.

I have had my own investment portfolio for about 10 years. I set up my investment portfolio based on Warren Buffet’s investment approach and expanded it with promising growth companies from the technology sector.

In my opinion, an investment decision should always be based on a business and long-term perspective and never on short-term speculation. Furthermore, you should only invest in a company, if you understand the company’s business model and if you are willing to hold the share for at least 10 years (here you will find my 5 pieces of advice if you want to invest in the stock market for the first time).

What you can expect from in the future

I am planning to continuously enhance the investment analyses. Here you can download the complete investment analysis of selected companies. At the same time, I want to continually provide you with new articles on my blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I would be happy to receive your message/feedback.

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