Apple: Highly Attractive According To The HQC Scorecard And A Buy

Apple’s brand image, its established ecosystem and the brand loyalty of its customers contribute to the company’s strong competitive advantages. These competitive advantages make Apple an attractive investment for long-term investors. According to my DCF Model, Apple is currently undervalued with an upside of 23.8%. The HQC Scorecard shows that Apple is rated as very attractive in the categories of Economic Moat, Profitability, Innovation and Expected Return. Here you can read the full article about Apple.

Walmart: Wide Economic Moat, But Current Valuation Is Not Attractive

Walmart’s strong brand image as well as its ability to offer its customers lower prices than many of its competitors, provide Walmart with a wide economic moat. Different characteristics make Walmart’s stock appealing for investors, who aim to reduce the volatility of their portfolio. However, I rate Walmart as a hold: Although the company has strong competitive advantages, its current valuation and low growth rates are not attractive enough for a buy rating. Here you can read the full article

PepsiCo: An Attractive Buy To Hedge Against Inflation And Reduce Portfolio Volatility

PepsiCo’s strong brand image as well as its broad product portfolio (including 23 different brands that each generate more than $1 billion in revenue) and the company’s broad distribution network, provide the company with strong competitve advantages. Several characteristics make PepsiCo an attractive buy for dividend income investors as well as for investors seeking to reduce the volatility of their portfolio. Here you can read the analysis about PepsiCo.

Why The Visa Stock Should Be Part Of Your Investment Portfolio For Retirement

Visa has a compound annual growth rate of 17.91% over the last 5 years as well as a low payout ratio of just 21.54%. These characteristics in combination with the company’s strong brand image and its high profit margins, make the company an attractive buy, especially for dividend income investors looking for dividend growth stocks, but also for investors aiming to invest for their retirement. Here you can find the investment analysis about Visa

Contribution Of The Jordan Brand To My Buy Rating On The Nike Stock

Back in 1984, Nike signed Michael Jordan, who has contributed enormously to the company’s
growth. According to my valuation model, Nike is currently undervalued. Due to Nike’s strong brand image, Nike’s endorsements with some of the best athletes in the world, the contribution of the Jordan Brand to Nike’s growth as well as the company’s overall growth perspectives, I rate Nike as a buy. Here you can find the investment analysis about Nike.

The Axa Stock Is an Attractive Buy for a High-Inflation Environment

I consider the French multinational insurance company Axa to be an attractive investment in times of high inflation. Due to Axa’s stable business model, its solid balance sheet as well as its strong brand image and the company’s diversified product portfolio, I rate the company as a buy. Here you can find the investment analysis about Axa.

Kellogg: A Stock to Reduce the Volatility of Your Investment Portfolio

Kellogg is engaged in the manufacturing and in the marketing of snacks and convenience foods. The company’s high dividend yield of 3.43% in combination with its low dividend payout ratio of 55.40% as well as its beta of 0.57, make the company an attractive stock for investors who aim to reduce the volatility of their investment portfolio. Here you can find the investment analysis about Kellogg.

XP: Strong Growth Potential via New Business Area Credit Cards

XP was founded in 2001 as a company of independent investment agents. Today, XP ist he largest independent investment broker in Brazil, and the company is providing for its customers a complete investment ecosystem. XP increased its revenue by 47% in 2021 in comparison to 2020. The increasing revenue shows that the company is on track. Here you can find the investment analysis about XP.