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The 15 most valuable brands in the world

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For long-term investors, it is important to identify companies with an “economic moat”. The phrase “economic moat” was popularized by Warren Buffet and it refers to a company’s ability to maintain competitive advantages over its competitors. “Economic moats” can be created in different ways. One of them is the brand value of the company. Companies with a high brand value can generate more revenue or charge a premium price, due to their brand recognition. For this reason, we will have a look at the world’s companies with the highest brand value.

According to the Forbes Magazine (2020), Apple is currently the company with the highest brand value ($241.2 B), followed by Google ($207.5 B), Microsoft ($162.9 B), Amazon ($135.4 B), and Facebook ($70.3 B). All these companies are identified as being in the technology sector. Eight out of the 15 most valuable brands in the world are in the technology sector.

In the following section, you will find the 15 most valuable brands in the world.

The 15 most valuable brands in the world:

Rank Brand Brand Value 1-Yr Value Change Brand Revenue Industry
1 Apple $241.2 B 17% $260.2 B Technology
2 Google $207.5 B 24% $145.6 B Technology
3 Microsoft $162.9 B 30% $125.8 B Technology
4 Amazon $135.4 B 40% $260.5 B Technology
5 Facebook $70.3 B -21% $49.7 B Technology
6 Coca-Cola $64.4 B 9% $25.2 B Beverages
7 Disney $61.3 B 18% $38.7 B Leisure
8 Samsung $50.4 B -5% $209.5 B Technology
9 Louis Vuitton $47.2 B 20% $15 B Luxury
10 McDonald’s $46.1 B 5% $100.2 B Restaurants
11 Toyota $41.5 B -7% $187 B Automotive
12 Intel $39.5 B 2% $72 B Technology
13 Nike $39.1 B 6% $39.3 B Apparel
14 AT&T $37.3 B -10% $151.2 B Telecom
15 Cisco $36 B 4% $50.6 B Technology


Here you can find the complete list of the world’s most valuable brands as defined by Forbes Magazine (2020). You will also find the explanation for the calculation of the brand value.

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